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 Spring Gobbler Hunting

Misty spring mornings and gobblers rattling the woods are what Spring Gobbler hunting is all about. Putts, clucks and purrs from the calls patiently coax the wary long-beard into range. Will the hens draw him away? Will he show himself around the thicket? Will he hear your heart beating in your throat? You hope that nothing spooks him as you steady your aim. The recoil of the muzzle blast cracks the stillness of the morning. That is how to spend a spring morning at Falkland Farms. Here at Falkland Farms, our Eastern Turkey populations are at an all time high. Rafts of thirty or more turkeys are a common sight in the fields and woods of the plantation. It is not uncommon to hear over a dozen long-beards rattling off gobbles trying to attract a mate. What better picture to add to your scrapbook of hunting memories than your walking out of the Southern Virginia woods with a long-bearded gobbler slung over your shoulder. The fragrant smell of spring is in your nose as you walk past blooming dogwoods and red buds in all their spring glory. You and your guide load your bird in the truck and head back to The Lodge for a big meal and wait for your friends to come back from the woods so you can share your story with them.

The Hunt

Here at Falkland Farms we host up to 3 hunters at a time. Every hunter has their own guide. We believe that with 12 square mile of private land and only three hunters, we offer the most safe and exclusive Spring Gobbler Hunt available. Our hunts usually are three days long and run from Monday through Wednesday or Thursday through Saturday. You arrive on the plantation late in the afternoon of the day before your hunt begins. You will meet your guide, settle into you room at The Lodge, and enjoy a wonderful dinner. The following morning begins well before dawn. A “country style” continental breakfast will start your morning. After breakfast, it is off to the woods to wake the birds. We pride ourselves on making each hunt a personal experience and invite each hunter to participate in calling if they choose. With a bit of luck you will be able to work a gobble right off of his roost. In Virginia, we must stop hunting at noon. All hunters and guides return to The Lodge to eat a huge midday meal and reminisce about the morning hunt. Afternoons on the plantation may be filled with Quail Hunting, Sporting Clays, Fishing, sight-seeing, or a nice nap. With the first rate facilities of The Lodge, many spouses accompany the hunter.

Bag Limits

You may harvest up to three Gobblers on your hunt. The state allows you one per day. Even with our large turkey populations, the state limits each hunter to three turkeys per year, which you may harvest all in the Spring.

Guns and Gear

Shotguns and archery tackle are used during our Spring season. Make sure you pattern your gun so you will be certain of its performance. The Spring in South side Virginia is a fickle time of year. The weather is usually temperate. Temperatures normally range from morning lows in the forties to afternoon highs in the seventies. Lower temperatures may be encountered in the early season mornings. Bring clothing that allows layering for warmth. We highly recommend camouflage clothing, including a face mask and gloves. Don't forget to pack a pad to sit on to keep you comfortable on damp ground. Blaze orange is not required. Quiet rain gear is also a consideration.

Seasons, Fees and Requirements
April 14 - May 19, 2018 - $1185.00 - 3 days

All hunts are primarily scheduled for three-day trips. Hunts normally run from Monday through Wednesday or Thursday through Saturday. Custom hunts are available to fit your time schedule. Check-in to the Lodge is at 3:00 PM on the day prior to the first full day of your hunt. Check-out from the Lodge is at 12 noon on the last day of your hunt.
A 50% down payment is required to confirm dates on all hunts. Down payments are transferable but not refundable.
The daily fee is inclusive of all State and Local Taxes Gratuities are not included.
You are responsible for purchasing any required state licensees.

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