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Photo Gallery

Enjoy a few of our wonderful shots taken here on the plantation!

Scott Deal 2011

Swamp Buck

Mike Williams 2010

This one tried to slip by. Great shot Mike.

Dan Donahue 2010

Great buck from the north end.

Mike Williams Scope Ring 2010

Twisting for the shot on the buck can leave a mark. The scope ring was worth it.

Bill Lyons 2010

The Bone Yard Gang 2010

As always, a great week with great friends.

Dan Cox 2010

Charmin......never leave home without it.

Bob Templin 2010

Herb Paynter 2009

Good bow buck. Great dog.

Chris Kline 2009

Giblet strikes again

Scott Deal 2009

Great ten point.

Chris Kline 2009

Bigger than "the bucket". Finally!

David Deal 2009

Making it a family event with this nine point.

Bob Templin 2009

Bob shows David & Scott Deal that grandpa can share some luck.

Scott Deal 2009

Scott managed to get a Gobbler during the fall hunt.

Michael Baltholf and Frank Gaul 2009

Two great bucks harvested at the Whipporwill. The buck on the left green scored 160"!

Ken Gable 2009

Ken pulled this buck out of the bottoms.

Dave De Fernelmont 2009

Dave took a couple like this one.

Kevin Gillingham 2008

It is all the "Rage"

Rodger Gibson 2008

Amazing what a borrowed arrow can do.

Gordon Murray 2008

"Management Buck" with a crossbow

Leonard Shilobod 2008

Another successful primitive hunt at the Whipporwill.

Chuck Heenan 2008

Nice way to start your week.

Lawrence Gillingham 2008

Two bucks in one morning

Elmer Lowery 2008

Same spot different year.

Dan Donahue's Coleman Cooler Buck 2008

Third time is the charm.

Steve Moyer 2008

Just had to out do your brother-in-law.

Jim Barclay 2008

The Canadians keep the tradition going.

Late Season Buck 2008

Jeff's late Season Buck, still some left!

Dan Cox 2011

Great Start

Bill Lyons

Good Job Bill & his PH Chris

Bear 2011

Bill Lyons got a shot with camera, one day too soon to get a DRT, Season opens tomorrow, too bad!

Barry Ward 2011

Look What We Found, Happy!!Happy!!


Dick Metz

Armand Christopher

DeVon Groff

Happy, Happy

Phil from PA - 2013

Scott from PA, what a wonderful morning!

Denny Dagen

Red Lot


Mike Kennedy

Sean Knick

Paul Loucks

Jim Barclay

Steve Moyer

Bob Templin

Len From PA got a nice one, good job!

Tim, back on the farm getting it done.

Bill Lyons

Got the big one down, nice job!

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