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Falkland Farms is proud to support a diversity of habitat on its nearly 12 square mile of land. Our duck hunting takes place on over 800 acres of “low grounds” located in the flood plains at the junction of the Banister and Dan Rivers where the Dan River starts backing up to form Kerr Reservoir (Buggs Island Lake). Our low grounds include numerous beaver swamps and natural ponds which hold water year round. In addition, we also have a man made shallow water impoundment where we can control the water level and manage it for duck habitat. Our location at the headwaters of Kerr Reservoir with its fluctuating water level provides some excellent duck hunting. In the summer, the lake level drops and allows native vegetation to grow on the exposed ground. In winter, when the lake level rises to cover the low grounds, this flooded vegetation provides excellent feeding stops for the ducks on their migration southward. Our low grounds are large and diverse enough to challenge any hunter who wants to duck hunt all day long. They are also convenient to the rest of our upland habitat so that you can combine a duck hunt with upland game hunting. Many of our hunters choose to catch the early flight of ducks into our swamps and then head back for breakfast at The Lodge and finish off their day with deer or quail hunting.

The Hunt

All hunts are fully and or semi guided. Your guide will carry in decoys in the morning and call for you. If you wish, you can also help to call ducks into the decoys. Rapidly fluctuating water levels on the lake prohibit permanent blinds in most areas. Your guide will either set up in an area where the natural vegetation offers adequate concealment or they will bring portable blind material. Water levels and corresponding duck movements dictate which areas we will hunt. During your hunt you may be hunting over ponds, flooded timber, forested riverbanks, or along the edges of the lake where ducks are feeding on recently flooded vegetation. Conditions change rapidly so a quick phone call to the farm shortly before your trip will let you know what to expect. Mallards, black ducks, mergansers and wood ducks make up the majority of the ducks we see. We also occasionally get flights of Teal, Buffleheads, Canvasbacks, Pin tails, Canada Geese and Snow Geese.

Bag Limits

Bag Limits as well as seasons are set by the Federal Government and change from year to year. We generally have a short early season in October and then a later season which runs from mid November through mid January. Early season hunting is primarily for resident wood ducks, while the later season coincides with the main flights of migrating ducks.

Guns and Gear

Federal regulations require non-toxic shot for hunting waterfowl. This includes Steel, Bismuth, and Tungsten. We recommend that you pattern your gun with whatever ammunition you plan to use so that you know how it will perform in your gun. Many hunting areas require waders to get into. In most of the areas you can get by with hip waders but chest waders are preferred to assure accessibility to all areas. Both camouflage clothing and waders are essential for a successful hunt..

Seasons, Fees & Requirements (2017-2018)

Federal regulations dictate hunting seasons Normally there is an early four day season in Mid October followed by the late season which runs from Mid November till Mid January
Duck Hunt . Contact us for pricing.
Custom Hunts Available -- Please call for pricing
Accommodations are available, please reserve ahead.
You are responsible for purchasing any required state and federal licenses and stamps.
A 50% down payment is required to confirm dates on all hunts.
Down payments are transferable but not refundable.
Gratuities not included

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