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 Archery, Muzzleloader, & Rifle Deer Hunting

New Hunt Opportunity!!!! Falkland Farms has renovated a quaint old log cabin on the west end of the farm for a more primitive hunting experience. The hunt will be available for up to six hunters. The hunters will be guiding themselves and "camping" at the cabin. Please call as soon as possible if you may be interested in this opportunity.

Our Archery and Muzzle loader hunters have a rare and exclusive hunting opportunity at Falkland Farms. All of our hunts are guided. During the archery season, we only host up to 6 hunters at a time. This allows a hunter to guide ratio of two to one. With this small number on 12 square miles, it certainly makes the hunt very personal. During our muzzleloader season we allow up to 10 hunters on the plantation.
October archery season is a good time to catch deer feeding in our hardwood ridges and game plots. The weather is temperate and the fall foliage makes the season enjoyable. Later in October, there is usually some pre-rut activity also going on. Muzzleloader season is a good time to catch the deer during their rut. While hunting for deer, if the turkey season is in, feel free to harvest one at no extra cost.

Bag Limits

Falkland Farms is working in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries in a Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP). This program has been used on the plantation for over nine years to manage our deer herd. The program allows us to have the flexibility of harvesting our herd for trophy management. To maintain our trophy bucks, the farm allows nothing smaller than a 14 inch spread to be taken. In order to maintain our buck to doe ratio, Falkland Farms encourages the harvesting of does. With the DMAP program, we allow the harvest of two deer per day. The deer can be two bucks, two does, or a buck and a doe.

The Hunt

The day before your hunt starts, we ask you to come to the farm in the early afternoon. Bring your own tree stands complete with safety belts. After you arrive and get checked into The Lodge, your guide will take you out to pre-scouted hunting areas. When you find an area to your liking, the guide will help you with your tree stand. Falkland Farms prides itself on the ability to make each hunter feel that the hunt was made just for him or her. With the low hunter to guide ratio, we can accommodate your hunting desires. Bring two stands if you want to hunt in different spots for morning and evening. With 12 square miles, we can move you if you are not satisfied with your set-up. The guide will take you out to your stand in the morning after an early breakfast. Usually, we will come get you for lunch at the time you specify and then will take you back out for the evening hunt sometime in the afternoon. Again, the hunt can be tailored to your liking. We can pack a lunch or bring one to you if you want to stay out all day. We feel that it is your vacation, and do everything we can to make sure you are happy and will want to hunt with us again.
After you bag your deer, the guide will take it back to our modern skinning facility and dress it out. The deer will be butchered and vacuum packed. The skinning facility has a walk in cooler and running hot and cold water.
Our muzzleloader hunts run generally for five days; Monday through Friday.
During our October archery season, our hunts also run for five days. Again, depending on our availability, we can customize your hunt. Dinner is served the evening of your arrival. You will depart the plantation after breakfast on Saturday morning.

Seasons, Fees & Requirements 2017 - 2018

Archery Season;
October 7, 2017 – November 3, 2017 $1675.00 for 5 days
November 4, 2017 – January 6, 2018 - $2050.00 for 5 days

Muzzleloader Season
November 4, 2017– January 6, 2018 $2050.00 for 5 days

Shotgun/Rifle Season
November 19, 2017 - January 6, 2018 $2050.00 for 5 days

Custom hunts are available to fit your time schedule. A 50% down payment is required to confirm dates on all hunts. Down payments are transferable but not refundable.
The daily fee is inclusive of all State and Local Taxes
Gratuities not included

You are responsible for purchasing any required state licenses.

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